Quantum Pendant Benefits

Scalar Energy Benefits to our Body

Strengthens the body's bio-field preventing electromagnetic waves from cellphones and other electronics
Reduces inflammation (e.g. gout, joint pain)
Enhance energy level for endurance and speed - particularly for long distance drivers
Improves the exercise recovery rate
Reduces jet lag on long flights and shorten recovery time after landing
Reduces motion sickness
Promotes unclumping of cells
Enhances fluid and energy circulation
Enhances immune and endocrine systems. Has the ability to destroy viruses and bacteria
facilitates delivery of nutrients to cells and detoxification of toxins
Enhances cellular permeability
Assist and strengthen your resilience and resistance to the effects of stress.
Helps to protect DNA from damage
Helps to retard the aging process
Helps to fight reverse existing cancer cells Promotes mental balance, alertness and clarity
Heals strengthens and protects mind body & soul
Balances and enhances the biophysical energy field
Promotes a sense of balance and centeredness
Promotes feelings of love joy peace and happiness
Increases your sexual performance
Helps you become relaxed harmonious, peaceful and calm
Clears negative energies of cosmic or telluric origin
Helps you releases blockages or stagnant energy
Awakens and enhances psychic and healing abilities ideal for healers, light-workers and channelers
Expands consciousness and awareness
Rapid revitalization of the organs
Diminishes fatigue and tiredness
Enhances physical strength and stamina
Improves sleep
Has anti-stress and anti-depressant properties
Reduce stress and effect of e-smog
Neutralizes harmful electromagnetic radiation and pollution
Energizes and e
nhances the flavor food, juice/wine/water Stimulates the 3rd eye chakra improving intuition and creativity
Empowers meditation and prayer
Increases synchronicity
Enhances manifesting abilities assists astral projection and lucid dreaming
Beneficial for pets animals and plants
Extends shelf life of fruits, vegetables and even your flowers

Benefits of quantum pendant explain infographics

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How to use Scalar Energy Quantum Pendant?

Below are some ways to use the quantum pendant...

1) Wear Quantum Pendant over the neck for general health purpose
who wear quantum pendant scalar energy?

2) Place Quantum Pendant over the forehead or gently rub the sides of the pendant along the top your eyebrows for reduce headache for relaxation.
how_to_use2.jpg picture by dalimara

3) Get a better night's sleep

4) Reduces inflammation. Best cure for gout and other joint pains. Place the pendant where the gout attacks and wear it like a necklace for maintenance. Now you can kiss your gout goodbye!

5) Place Quantum Pendant over the abdomen to reduce stomach-ache & pms
or back/joint,muscle pain, etc..

6) Place Quantum Pendant underneath your skincare
bottles to improve their ABSORPTION and EFFICIENCY. The same process apply to energizing water.

Honestly, I think every single family has to own at least one, because the benefits and effectiveness has no comparison. Elderly will enjoy great balance again and stability when they wear this Quantum Pendant. Children & students enhanced their concentration mental focus with their studies and perform a lot better in school.

8) Renowned scientist and author Dr Masaru Emoto of Japan, author of several New York Times Bestseller "Messages From Water", The Hidden Messages in Water" & "The True Power of Water" promotes this Quantum Pendant.

10) Place the Quantum Pendant in your aquarium to keep your pet fishes healthy, energetic, skin more vibrant and swim happy.

11) Tests show that leaving Quantum Pendant inside the fridge will keep the fruits and vegetables fresher and stay longer. It prolongs the life of cut flowers. It also lower the temparature so you can save electricity.

12) Quantum pendant is also great for your pet.


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