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Dalimara will not recognize any modifications of these terms or conditions unless agreed to specifically in writing. These Terms or Conditions only apply to Distributors operating in the United States for the Calendar Year of the Transaction in effect. Any terms and conditions contained in any distributor purchase order or other document, that are not consistent herewith, or contain additional or different terms, shall be deemed rejected/disregarded absent a written agreement to the contrary.


All orders must be placed online www.dalimara.com or by calling 1-877-844-4180. All orders are subject for approval and final acceptance by Dalimara. Orders will not be accepted if the order, prices, discounts, or terms are incorrect. Order acceptance occurs when all order corrections have been made. Orders will be processed within 1-3 business day of acceptance. The distributor will be liable for any legal fees incurred by Dalimara in the event legal action becomes necessary to collect payment.

Dalimara reserves the right to make the account inactive in the event that no purchases are made for a period of 24 months. Distributor may be required to re-apply to reopen an account that was made inactive.


1. Refer to current Dalimara Distributor B2B package and approved by manager. Any deviations from these prices must have prior written approval by Dalimara, and specially priced items must be identified with a quotation number for processing.

2. Written quotations expire 30 days from date of quotation unless otherwise specified in writing.

3. Prices are in US Dollars and subject to change without notice.

4. Dalimara only accepts distributors payments through Paypal, Wire Transfer (Western Union, Xoom, etc), Direct Bank TT or Cash. No Credit Card payment will be accepted for orders of any B2B package.


Items must be purchased in order multiple quantities not less than $299. To determine order multiple quantities, refer to B2B package will be enforced on stock orders and orders will automatically be rounded up.


1. All orders are F.O.B. shipping point. Full freight rate USPS or UPS with tracking number to destinations in the continental United States or approved countries. All product lines may be combined to meet minimum requirement.

2. Orders already processed and sent out cannot be combined with another order to get combine shipping rate.

3. Routing and means of transportation will be at Dalimara's selection.

4. If an alternative method of shipping is requested, the purchaser assumes any extra charges.


Any good damaged or lost in transit must be so noted on the delivering carrier’s freight bill. Rates are determined in proportion to the damage liability; therefore, the carrier and not the shipper, should be charged with all loss or damage. Dalimara will do everything to assist the distributor. Replacement goods must be ordered and paid for by the consignee. The distributor shall not withhold payment of invoices pending settlement of claims. Shipments must be unloaded promptly as Dalimara will pay no demurrage. Buyer must examine the merchandise upon delivery and must report all apparent error or defects to the seller within ten (10) days of said delivery; otherwise, it shall be conclusively presumed between Seller and Buyer that the merchandise has been delivered as specified in the contract.


Dalimara shall not be liable in any respects for failure or delay in the fulfillment or performance if the contract is hindered or prevented, directly or indirectly, by war, conditions of war, acts of enemies, national emergency, sabotage, revolution, or other disorders, inadequate transportation, inability to secure raw materials or supplies, fuel, or power; fire, windstorm, or other acts of God, strikes, lockouts, or other labor disturbances, orders or acts of any authority, or any cause of like or different kind beyond the reasonable control of Dalimara.


1. Claims for freight charges, allowance, or shortages will not be considered after 30 days from receipt of goods. Proof of Delivery (POD) tracking numbers are listed on the original invoice or are available on our Web Site: www.dalimara.com.

2. Pricing claims must be made within 30 days from date on the Dalimara invoice. Claims beyond 30 days from invoice date will be disallowed. All claims will be subject to a 1% cash discount recovery.